About the breeder and the origin of Bee Lion Leos

Hello, my name is Alexandra Saxe and I have been involved with Leonbergers for 15 years. I started out as a handler and trainer, showing Leonbergers in confirmation and obedience competitions and helping them attain their TDI — Therapy Dog International — and CGC — Canine Good Citizen — certifications. In fact, quite a few of the Bee Lion Leos have those certifications.

Over time I fell in love with this breed. I have grown to love their personality, loyalty, and the love they express for their humans; a love that is a wholly unbreakable bond. Leonbergers are truly amazing animals, being both emotionally intuitive and also very sensitive.

My first encounter with a Leonberger was in Munich, Germany while visiting my brother. Someone had their male Leonberger walking across one of the platzs in the city and I thought, “wow, what an amazing presence and what a snuggle bug!” Not long after that I found out that an old family friend had a Leonberger by the name of Lexi. I had the pleasure of meeting Lexi and she was absolutely adorable.

This family friend eventually lost her Lexi to a rare health issue. The wonderful Leonberger community helped her get another one, which wound up being two — Paris and Meg. Then about a year later, she got two more – Fallon and Ares. That was when she decided to start her own kennel. We teamed up, with them providing the financial backing and me providing the expertise and training.

After I left to start my own kennel, there was a brother/sister duo — Beatrice and Dante — that were not breedable and needed better care and proper training. The sister, Beatrice, became the “Bee” in Bee Lion Leos and is named in her honor.